EMF stands for electromagnetic field and is emitted by many devices; everything from the washing machine and refrigerator to your flat screen TV, cell-phone as well as other appliacnes and devices. Most people will talk about EMF in terms of radiation because as electromagnetic fields are emitted, they will also emit a form of radiation. The frequencies as well as the radiation has been proven to have many biologically harmful effects on the body. EMF shielding fabrics are manufactured out of a metallic mesh material and intended as convienent, practical shielding and protection against the harmful effects from EMF and its frequencies. But first consider what this fabric is and how it protects you.

Our EMF Shielding Fabric is made and woven with copper and nickel, which are well known for its high conductivity and its protective emf shielding properties.

We provide our Emf Protection Fabric as an affordable, quality emf blocking fabric, in bulk rolls measuring 42″ inches wide x 16 feet’ length (1 meter x 5 meters)

High Shielding Effectiveness
Blocks Wifi, Wi-Max, 3G, 4G, 5G
Shields Windows, Walls and Clothing
Blocks EMF and High Frequency Radiation
42″ inches wide x 16 feet’ length


EMF Shielding Fabric Specifications:

1. Good electrical conductivity and shielding effect, good thermal conductivity
2. Good ductility, extrusion resistance, easy processing, corrosion resistance, weather resistance
3. Strong anti-friction performance, the number of anti-friction can reach 5,000,000 times
4. The metal layer has strong adhesion, fine workmanship and moderate thickness
5. Anti-card theft, anti-radiation, anti-GPS positioning, shielding signal
6. Shield radiation hazards, block electronic pickpockets, and protect your personal safety and information security
7. RFID anti-theft brush lining, widely used in luggage fabrics
8. Anti-radiation RFID blocking conductive lining, the metal layer can effectively block the signal source
9. Scope of application: anti-radiation clothing, anti-radiation curtains, anti-radiation chassis covers, anti-GPS shielding room, anti-radiation masks, anti-radiation wallpaper, anti-radiation blankets, anti-radiation tents
10. Shielding effectiveness: 70-80 decibels
11. Shielded frequency band: 10kHz-30GHz
12. Product washing: mild soap/detergent do not scrub, do not rub hard
13. Dyeing and finishing process: coating
14. Function: RFID anti-theft brush, anti-radiation, mobile phone signal shielding, WiFi signal shielding, electromagnetic shielding, luggage lining, mobile phone bag lining, card bag lining, electronic products, flexible circuits, base stations, electronic chassis, mobile communications
15. Material: Polyester/Ni+CU+Ni
16. Yarn count: 230
17. Thickness: 0.08mm
18. Weight: 85g/m